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White Girls are Magic

What is it about white women? From the #Rapefugee crisis in Europe to black on white rape in America, it seems everyone wants a white girl. But why?

Are they magical or something? Let’s take a look.

Taylor Swift


Kate Upton

Kate Upton

Cindy Crawford


Brigitte Bardot


Molly Ringwald


Anne Hathaway


Catherine Deneuve




Your Grandma

diana mitford

You know what they are magical.




Having Tattoos Makes You A Sheep

I fucking hate tattoos.

*lights cigarette* God I’ve wanted to say that for so long.

Everywhere you look today people are inked. It doesn’t matter where you go in America. You can’t escape the sight of tattoos. And I’m fucking sick of it.

What was once the exclusive trademark of soldiers and criminals is now being consumed by everyone from skinny jean wearing hipster faggots to former hos turned housewives. I use the word “consume” intentionally because that’s exactly what people who tat themselves up are doing: purchasing something. What they’re purchasing could be rebelliousness, creativity, individuality, or self-expression. In essence they’re trying to buy what society says they should have in the way society says they can.

Since Marlon Brando rode into a small town on a motorcycle in The Wild One everybody wants to be a rebel. To be a rebel is the de facto state of anyone under 30 (or is it 60 since 60 is the new 20?). But when everyone is a rebel no one is. Tattoos put this fact on display. Maybe in the 50’s when only a small percentage of outcast from mainstream society such as criminals or underground artists had tattoos were they rebellious. When the majority of young people have tattoos they are rebellious as saying your prayers before bed.

The same goes with self-expression. Everybody is told to express themselves today. How many times have you heard that line? “I wanted to express myself!” So you’re just like everybody else since your self-expression is the same as everyone else’s? Getting a tattoo is the least creative and original way to express yourself. You’re just following the crowd. As I read in a comment section, “Kubick, Kurosawa, and Bergman didn’t get tattoos on their assholes to show they were creative.” Amen.

What this epidemic of injecting hot ink into the skin reveals is the mainstreaming of the former counter-culture. What was once rebellious is now conformists, what was once a sign of being against the establishment is now a sign of following the establishment’s dictates. Tattooing is the ultimate symbol of Liberalism’s dominance over society. If you have a tattoo you might as well get branded with a hot iron that says, “I do what society tells me to.”

You want to rebel today? Don’t get a tattoo.

Sheeple gotta sheep

NOTE: Tattoos of loved ones names or units (military, gang, religion, etc.) are excluded since they symbolize an emotional bond to something bigger than the self. But just barely.




Loving The Right

Liberalism is decrepit. The Brotherhood of Man is for old fogies. Leftists are low energy loser. And we are here to bury them.

This blog will cover whatever I feel like writing about. All from the perspective a Right-Winger loving life. Cause anyone who’s eyes aren’t stapled shut can see that all of society’s rebellious energy today is on the Right. We embrace life while Leftists hide in their Safe Spaces clutching teddy bears and coloring books.

So let’s have some fun laughing at them as we do so. arnold